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Visibly better!

Emilux manufactures industrial and project lighting where the highest standards in the choice of materials are maintained. We combine innovative technology and offer a high degree of flexibility to meet all your needs.
Emilux exclusively uses high quality (electro-) parts by the manufacturing of  her projectlighting. The production facilities are located in the Netherlands. This assures you high quality and that all products meet European CE standards. We also carry Kema-Keur. In combination with our longterm experience, this offers you the guarantee that when you buy Emilux you buy something ”visibly” better!

High Service

Conducting business requires you to act without delay. Emilux knows this better than anyone. With our 35 years of experience, we think we know what our customers are looking for. What the customer wants is customised lighting, a quality product  and the shortest possible delivery time. But you can expect more. We provide our customers with advice on regulations for lightplans, think with you and assist with practical tips.