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As a manufacturer of lighting fixtures, it is our task and vision to contribute to the responsible recycling (energy-efficient) lighting. We will work on a better environment for now and in the future.

Luminaires with fluorescentlamps contain small amount of mercury, cfc’s and possibly PCB containing capacitors. It is therefore very important to separate this. Up to 90% of the lighting can be recycled. The incriminating raw materials can be properly destroyed and/or deleted. The remaining raw materials can be re used and recovered as much as possible such as (nature)metals and plastics.

Emilux meets  the obligations with regard to the responsible collection and recycling of lighting fixtures and light sources (so called e-waste). Via Wecycle this is very easy, in the right way and nationally arranged so that we do not run unnecessary risks.

Read more about Wecycle concerning collect of luminaires and light sources.